Exhibitor Content Submission

As an exhibitor at Gifts & Lifestyle Middle East there are multiple ways to showcase your participation. From the free promotional tools such as website banners, e-cards, e-signature’s and more, to other marketing activities run by the marketing team across online and print campaigns.

Some of the items we are looking to feature include:

  • Success stories from past participation at Gifts & Lifestyle Middle East (you met a new buyer or someone that has now become a regional distributor for your products etc.)
  • Projects & case studies 
  • Product application scenarios
  • Innovative or new product launches

How to submit your content?

Using the online submission form below, you can directly upload your content to the Gifts & Lifestyle Middle East team. 

Content submission form

Please fill in all required fields.

  • Maximum allowed upload size per item: 10MB
  • Allowed types: msword doc., PDF, ZIP, PNG, JPEG

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As part of our marketing activities, we broadcast e-newsletters to our database, publish news on our social media profiles and issue press releases for media coverage which create awareness about our show and exhibitors in advance. Filling out the above would help us promote your company and products to our visitors. Space in our e-newsletter / press release/ social media is subject to availability. We will try to accommodate your content where possible; however we are unable to guarantee presence due to each platform having limited space available. The sooner you provide us with your company news, the higher the chance for press/editorial coverage.