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Welcome to The Premium Club

The Premium Club is an exclusive programme designed for visitors such as senior buyers & key decision makers in the paper industry. Enjoy complimentary benefits at the exhibition to fast-track and ease the purchasing process.

The programme benefits are designed to encourage key buyers to connect with our exhibitors and have a pleasant, uninterrupted experience at the show. To qualify for this programme, all participants will need to be verified by Messe Frankfurt Middle East. 

As an exhibitor, you can nominate your VIPs to be part of The Premium Club.

How to apply


In order to nominate a member for The Premium Club, the individual must:

  • Possess one of the following titles: Trade Commissioner, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Executive, Category Manager, Purchase Manager/Director, Project Consultant, Procurement Manager/Director, Purchasing Manager/Director, Import & Export Manager/Director, Senior Hoteliers

  • Membership Organizations: Governments, Municipalities, Trade Associations, Embassies/Consulates, Contractor, Sub Contractor, Retailers, Leisure and Hospitality, Banking, Home & Building Automation.

Benefits of a Premium Club Member

As a Premium Club Member, you are offered the following privilege:

  • Fast Track registration  and a welcome kit
  • Onsite assistance
  • Premium Club lounge access where the member can conduct meetings and enjoy coffee and light refreshments along with internet access.
  • Free car Park*
  • Premium Business Matchmaking (This complimentary program allows pre-registered visitors and exhibitors to schedule meetings in advance with those that match their interested profiles at the exhibition.)

* Subject to selection criteria and availability

For questions or further details, please contact:

Nancy Daher

Head of Premium Visitor Experience

Nancy Daher