The Hub Forum Speakers

Ali Haider

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Ali Haider

CEO, Capital Envelopes

Ali Haider, with a background in Accountancy and Mathematics, brings a unique blend of business acumen and humanitarian values to his role as CEO. Over the last two decades, Ali has steered Capital Envelopes from a small family-owned printing press to the leading envelope manufacturer in the MEA region, producing over a billion envelopes annually. The expansion to the US with Standard Envelopes Inc in 2014, further underscores Ali's strategic vision. Managing a workforce of 140+, he places a strong emphasis on investing in people and upholding family values. Ali has cultivated a work culture rooted in respect, trust, and integrity, with key personnel boasting a tenure of at least 12 years, some spanning two decades.

Anil Nair

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Anil Nair

General Manager, SME - Silver Falcon Trading LLC 

Anil Nair is General Manager to an SME initiative by Mr.Mustafa Malik M/s  Silver Falcon Gen Trading co llc. Anil has been a Business Leader with over 25 years’ experience across general management, new business development, brand building, and training and development in the retail industry. MBA in marketing he has contributed in growth of various companies including Essa Saleh Al Gurg , Times house and journey continuous with Silver Falcon

Chandan Singh

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Chandan Singh

Chief Executive Officer Dhofar Global 

Chandan Singh is the CEO of Dhofar Global, a UAE-based company with presence in UAE, Oman and Qatar. He is an industry professional with more than 20 years of experience in FMCG and Hygiene Products Industry. He joined the company in 2007 as a co-Founder – Management Team, spearheading its growth in the Gulf Region.

Involved in Dhofar Global’s entire business activities, Singh has been responsible for the launch of the three award-winning campaigns – Cut Back, Color Magnet, and DID, which helped the organization to create its presence in the industry as disposable hygiene champion. Leading Dhofar Global’s sustainable product development, Singh has also built Employee Recognition Scheme. It is under his leadership that the organization has won many prestigious awards, including the Otherways Global Award for Perfection, Quality and Ideal Performance 2015; The Bizz Award 2015; SME – Excellence in Trade 2014; and ‘Best Green Investment Project’ at the Arab Investment Summit 2011, 2012, 2013.

Singh holds a Management Degree with a specialization in Marketing from Ranking University in India, Master in Advance research in France, and scholar for doctorate. He is the member of All India Management Association and Otherways Management Association in France. Singh currently hold a BNI Chapter leadership position.

Charles Nahhas

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Charles Nahhas

Managing Director, Montegrappa

Charles Sany Nahhas is the CEO of the AMC group based in Dubai and specialising in distribution and retail services for luxury goods. AMC is the main operating partner of the Montegrappa Middle East JV.

Charles grew up and studied in the UK where he trained as an Engineer (both under and postgraduate) and worked for more than 10 years in the telecoms industry during the boom of the late 90s as well as during the early 2000s, holding technical and commercial roles specialising in Fibre Optic network communications and working for blue-chip companies such as Alcatel and Cisco Systems. He was with Cisco when it became the world's most valuable company, the first to reach half a trillion dollars market capitalisation in 2000, and also worked for smaller start-ups in the industry including going through a successful IPO on the NASDAQ with Tellium in 2001 and its subsequent acquisition in 2003.

In 2004, Charles returned to Dubai to assist in the establishment of a new operation for AMC, which had previously been a business consultancy for the Middle East, under his father, Sany Nahhas, a business consultant for more than 30 years in various industries. Charles continued to work as a consultant for Telecoms equipment and software vendors until 2009.

Dina Bin Masoud

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Dina Bin Masoud

CEO, Totes and Tokens

Dina M. Bin Masoud is a half Dutch and half Emirati Luxury Hotelier with a passion for art and culture, the pursuit of sustainable living as well as the hospitality and the service industry.

During complete lock down in 2020, Dina took notice how Mother Earth in that month worked hard to reset herself. We saw clear blue skies in a metropolis that was always surrounded in a grey polluted haze. Birds and animals started to visit areas long abandoned by them due to mankind’s presence, Scientists also observed a drop in greenhouse temperatures. These events rekindled a beacon in Dina’s heart that Mother Earth isn’t beyond saving as we have been let to believe.

With that fire within her and her love as a child to up-cycle things around the house before up-cycling was a trend. From creating choker necklaces from left over embroidery threads and keychains to accessorizing and redecorating her school bag by reutilizing almost finished paint or markers.

Not to mention growing up in a time where opening a chocolate or biscuit tin box had a 50/50 chance of not having sweet goodies in them but sewing kits and Emirati Burqas, she launched Totes and Tokens with the hope to make a change in the world one fabric at a time.

Fadi Baaklini

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Fadi Baaklini


Mr. Fadi Baaklini is a 1989 graduate of the Lebanese American University (L.A.U) in Lebanon, holding a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Mr. Baaklini journey into the world of Pulp and Paper commenced in 1991 within the timber industry when he joined Brastimber, a Cyprus-based offshore company specializing in wood and timber imports from Brazil, with a subsequent focus on the GCC market. In 1993, the company entrusted him with the establishment of a new division dedicated to paper products, sourced from Brazil, notably initiating the import of cut-size copier paper from Champion Paper mill (now owned by International Paper). This endeavor marked the inception of a division that would ultimately encompass various paper products from multiple mills, expanding the market presence to encompass regions in Africa, the Middle East, and the GCC. His career took a new direction in 1995, when he transitioned to Interpaper Trading, exclusively dealing in Pulp and Paper, based in Paphos, Cyprus.

In 1997, Mr. Baaklini co-founded Mepco Ltd in Paphos, Cyprus, in collaboration with Neusiedler Office Communication Mill in Austria, subsequently acquired by the esteemed Mondi Papers Group of South Africa. This partnership spanned over 22 years, witnessing the transformation of the company’s modest beginnings into the Mepco Gulf group of companies. Presently, Mepco Gulf operates five offices strategically positioned across the region, serving more than 32 markets with a comprehensive range of pulp, paper, and board products.

The company’s success has been founded upon Mr. Baaklini’s core principles, characterized by unwavering transparency in its interactions with partners, clients, and suppliers. His philosophy centers on the identification of strong and mutually beneficial partnerships, fostering loyalty and collaboration to achieve common goals within a unified working framework. 

Grace Karim

GLME - Grace Karim

Co-founder, Bookends

Grace, a co-founder of Bookends, is a mom entrepreneur with a deep love for literature and education. She serves as a substitute teacher in multiple schools as a class teacher as well as teaching the Arabic and French languages. Additionally, Grace is the author of Ooread, an Arabic language book designed for non-Arabic speakers.

Driven by her passion for education, she earned a master's degree (MeD) from the University of Dundee in Scotland. Grace takes pride in being a mother to two boys and, as a dedicated reader herself, she has always instilled a love for reading in her children. Her unwavering commitment inspired her to co-establish Bookends alongside her partner Somia in 2020. Together, they oversee the operations of both the online and the retail store with a team of dedicated employees.

Green Jose

GLME - Green Jose

General Manager, Double A

In his role as General Manager, Green Jose has consistently displayed outstanding leadership, effectively leading sales teams and overseeing marketing activities and budgets in the assigned regions. His skillful management of APC ME FZE, a converting plant in Dubai producing 2880 containers annually, underscores his ability to navigate intricate production, logistics, and financial operations.

Green Jose shares his extensive knowledge with the global staff of Double A, with a focus on sales, distribution, and trade marketing. His unwavering dedication and expertise have been instrumental in ensuring the enduring success of the brands he represents. With a career spanning more than a decade, Green Jose remains a prominent figure in the business world, making significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of the regions under his purview

Hala Gebran

Paperworld Middle East - Hala Gebran

CEO, Halo Printworks

Hala, the visionary behind Halo Printworks, embodies a fusion of Middle Eastern sensitivity and Western education, crafting designs rooted in local understanding and global resonance. Hala's passion for design goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to impact culture and create visually delightful, purposeful works. Her entrepreneurial spirit thrives in cross-cultural ventures, leveraging Middle Eastern design to disrupt the stationery crowded industry and celebrate the Arabic language. Looking forward, Hala envisions a future where design's transformative power enriches and connects people from around the globe.

John Achkar

GLME - John Achkar

Co-Founder, Everythink

Stand-up comedian since 2011, John has been based in Dubai since 2022, where he sells out shows on a monthly basis, and has been performing his special all over the world in front of more than 30,000 people. His mission is eliciting laughter and spreading awareness at the same time by tackling sensitive subjects through comedy.

This applies to his business career as well. As a co-founder of Everythink, a creative company that designs and produces board game, stationery and lifestyle products. Everythink is diving today into the gamification world, giving individuals and organizations the opportunity to co-design their own games and out-of-the-box products while focusing on their needs and budgets.

Justin Abraham

GLME- Justin Abraham

Operations Lead Sales & Operations Department, J&J Marketing L.L.C

Justin Jiji Abraham serves as an Operations Lead and Brand Manager, where he gently navigates the complex realms of Digital Marketing, Branding, Warehouse Management, and Sales. His academic journey led him to earn MSc degrees in Disruptive Innovation and International Business, equipping him with a nuanced understanding of market trends and innovative strategies. Recognized during his student years for his dedication and skill in organizing events, Justin remains grounded and focused on delivering value through quality. His core belief that people gravitate towards quality products underpins his professional approach. With a history of engaging with audiences at college and university events, Justin brings a conversational and relatable style to the panel. At the Writing Symposium, he looks forward to sharing insights and learning alongside peers, contributing to a dialogue that values every voice and perspective.

Laura Naylor

GLME- Laura Naylor

Presenter - Television | Radio | Events

Laura is a warm, friendly, fun and down to earth television and radio presenter, reporter, live events host & MC from Preston in the UK. Her career has seen her report from the red carpet, compere at prestigious corporate events and award ceremonies and as a regular presenter on many TV shows and radio stations. Be it showbiz, fashion, entertainment, sport, property, travel or the corporate sector, Laura exhibits her northern charm presenting across the board in TV, radio & live events. She has interviewed an array of celebrities and artists including Dame Kelly Holmes, Ant & Dec, David Tennant, Michael Ball, The Overtones, Sean Spicer, Michelle Mone & Trevor Noah to name a few.

Manisha Dutta

GLME -  Manisha Dutta

Founder, Natural Healing Home

The founder of Natural Healing Home, Manisha Dutta started the shop with the aim to spread knowledge about alternative therapies and provide holistic products that one can use to bring harmony and balance into their lives and home. 

Marcel Mhanna

GLME -  Marcel Mhanna

General Manager, MEPCO

Mr. Marcel Mhanna is a distinguished professional, a graduate of the Lebanese University of Engineering (ULFG-II) in Lebanon, with a master's degree in mechanical engineering. His career has been marked by a series of pivotal leadership roles, each contributing uniquely to his expertise across the manufacturing and trading sectors.

Marcel's journey commenced as a Design Engineer, laying a strong foundation for his analytical mindset and problem-solving abilities. Merging his engineering acumen with a sharp business perception, he embarked on a journey of growth and innovation.

His roles as an Area Sales Manager, Sales Engineer, and Product Development Manager sharpened his interpersonal and negotiation skills. These skills have been instrumental in forging enduring partnerships and driving substantial revenue growth. Marcel's ability to bridge the technical and commercial aspects of business became evident during this phase of his career.

As the General Manager of a manufacturing facility, Mr. Mhanna spearheaded cross-functional teams and championed initiatives to optimize production processes. This pivotal role allowed him to cultivate remarkable leadership skills, enhancing his capacity to inspire and motivate teams towards achieving their utmost potential.

Currently, in his role as the General Manager of Mepco Gulf, Marcel Mhanna navigates complex markets and formulates strategic business approaches, leveraging his extensive experience to drive the company's success in a highly competitive industry.

Marcel's career is a testament to his dedication to learning and growth. His journey is characterized by unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and effective leadership.

Marat Smrinov

Paperworld Middle East - Marat Smrinov

Market Development Manager, FSC International

Marat Smirnov serves as a distinguished Market Development Manager at FSC International, headquartered in Bonn, Germany. Boasting nearly two decades of expertise across the paper, labels, packaging, and plywood industries, Marat has a particular focus on sustainability. He is actively committed to safeguarding the world's forests for future generations through the promotion of responsible sourcing and sustainable business development. In his role at FSC, Marat is responsible for market development and the expansion of promotional licenses, particularly in the European and Middle Eastern markets.

Mahmoud Al Bakri

GLME -  Mahmoud Al Bakri

Partner, High Seven General Trading

He is the managing director and owner of high seven


Mohamed Alayat

GLME - Mohamed Alayat

Managing Director, Alpha Art Gifts

Mohamed Alayat is the founder of Event Gift – a Gift and promotional brand of Alpha Art Gifts LLC. Event Gift has been in the market for 10 years now showcasing own design, unique and trendy gifts and promotional items.

It was only his dream to create a brand line of gifts and promotional products. He saw what was lacking in the market in 2014, and tried his luck of designing and producing the gifts. He started with few collections and it became a hit until he has been increasing new collections yearly.  He is truly brilliant in his field to be blessed with talent of selecting the products to offer to the market.  From then on, yearly, he creates a theme for the new collection that fits the trend. 

This year, the theme becomes triumphant when he surprised the market of offering sustainable products in his latest collection.  About 80% of the new collection was made from recycled and sustainable material.  It addressed the need of sustainable products as most of the companies are supporting eco sustainability.

He is a genius in his field! Mohamed hopes to deliver and provide more great products that could boost your brand through gifting.

Murli Ema

GLME - Murli Ema

CEO, Ali Mohd Trading

Murli Ema is Director at the Paper division at Alia Mohd Trading Co, Dubai, working to drive the success at all levels of the organisation.

Before Alia Mohd Trading Co, he was the Product Head for Speciality Grade paper at Asia Pulp & Paper where after recognizing the unique needs of the MEA region, products such as Impression 2000 Carbonless paper, Pre-print offset  and Jangkar Brief card were introduced and launched.

An engineer by educational qualification, his sound technical knowledge also encompasses machines which has played a pivotal role in setting up industries on an international scale.

Beyond his technical prowess, Murli possesses an innate business acumen. His strategic thinking and ability to identify growth opportunities continue to propel the business forward.

"Challenge the challenging" is more than just a motto for him; it's a way of life. He embraces adversity as an opportunity for growth and innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. His relentless pursuit of excellence has been a driving force behind his many accomplishments and contributions to the paper industry.

Mitin Chakravorthy

GLME - Mitin Chakravorthy

Head of Marketing/Marketing Brand & Communication Strategist, Baby Shop – Landmark Group

Mitin Chakraborty leads marketing at Babyshop with a keen focus on elevated retail experiences and powerful brand storytelling. Recognized by Forbes and Campaign Magazine as a strategic thought leader, his approach weaves the tactile appeal of in-store interactions with the precision of modern marketing communications. Mitin's campaigns have achieved international recognition, securing accolades from Cannes Lions, Global Effies, and other prestigious industry awards.

His philosophy is centred around customer experience, bridging the gap between physical retail and digital engagement with campaigns that resonate emotionally and drive business performance. Mitin’s expertise in blending communication narratives with robust marketing frameworks has not only amplified Babyshop’s presence across multiple markets but also set a benchmark in retail marketing and brand advocacy.

Maher Saad

GLME - Maher Saad

CEO, Murex Trading

Gained great experience in international business through 16 years of productive work for one of the leading stationery companies in the middle east.

2010 Formed his own company Murex Trading LLC, specialized in wholesaling and re exporting stationery to Africa, C I S and neighbouring countries that considers Dubai as a main source of consolidated supplies.

Formed in 2023 a strategic partnership with Pragya India, a prominent manufacturer of prime note books and other paper items from india to strengthen further the ability to serve Africa with better prices and qualities under LIBRA PRAGYA brand.

Moomal Nirwan

GLME -  Moomal Nirwan

Founder & CEO, The Keen Company

Indian expat living in Dubai since 15 years, banker turned entrepreneur on a quest to transcend cultural boundaries, foster artist collaborations, preserve traditional craftsmanship by offering handmade, sustainable, and natural home decor & furniture products.

Naynesh Pasari

GLME -  Naynesh Pasari


Naynesh Pasari, born in New Delhi in the year 1982, attained his MBA degree from Bentley University, Boston.

After completion of MBA, he got chosen as a Project Manager at GE, Boston. He also worked as an equity Analyst prior to that. He was the lead Key Project Manager during the launch of a FMCG product at Big Bazaar where he worked for 1 year before joining the family owned business which is Shree Krishna Paper Mills.

SKPM is a public listed company and is fueled by innovation & development.

Initially, the first company in India to launch thermal sensitive paper under technical collaboration with Hansol Paper Company, South Korea in 1994 followed by the first company to launch India’s first unbleached copier in 2022. SKPM manufactures various papers under their brand Packmate and Lamcote. 

Naynesh is also a freelance model; he has walked the ramp for leading Indian Designers. He is a a travel buff and have visited 35+ countries. He is passionate about fitness and calisthenics. He likes reading books on various genre like business, motivation and autobiography.

Natasha Mahajan

Gifts and Lifetstyle Middle East - Natasha Mahajan

Founder, Mr. Blue Fish

Mr. Blue Fish was just another fish caught in a plastic bag. He wouldn’t have survived had it not been for a diver who recognized his plight and set him free. Mr. Blue Fish was lucky - we produced 380 million tons of plastic every year. By 2025, that will be almost 600 million tons.

Packaging accounts for 40% of all the plastic we produce. Most of it finds its way into our oceans. It was sad to think that we’re responsible for damaging the lives our kids will lead. That’s when Natasha, our CEO, wondered if she could make a difference. She wanted to put what she had been practicing about reducing waste to a wider community. Blue Packaging Group and the brand Mr. Blue Fish was founded with three simple ethos:

  1. Deliver sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging that perform the same function without any material impact on cost
  2. Address the issue at the source by working with businesses to reimagine their product packaging options
  3. Inform businesses and consumers about the choices they can make to reduce packaging waste

Since we started, we have cultivated a sizeable community of suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure their products meet global sustainability standards. By working directly with suppliers we are able to keep costs down while reducing minimum order quantities for our clients. Feedback from customers is solicited and acted upon to ensure the utility of our products exceeds their needs. We are trying to promote a social conscience, so we have grown thoughtfully to ensure we represent ourselves well, before we expect our others to do so. We are now ready to make a larger impact.

Nobel Ninan

Paperworld Middle East - Nobel Ninan

Founder, Pencil Office Supplies

Noble Ninan is the Founder and Managing Director of Pencil Office Supplies and Co-founder of Kaagaz Trading L.L.C. From his humble beginnings, today between both his companies he manages an annual turnover exceeding 100 million. Noble loves to discuss the failures and challenges he faced in his entrepreneurial journey. Being part of new startups and mentoring first time entrepreneurs is what he enjoys most. Noble bets on the U.A.E being the best global destination for entrepreneurs and is all praises for its leaders.

Parvesh Kapoor

GLME - Parvesh Kapoor

Sales & Marketing Director, Alia Mohd

Parvesh Kapoor is Director at Alia Mohamed Trding co LLC- Dubai has over 30+ years of International Business experience. He is Dynamic & accomplished professional with a proven track record of success in Paper and Stationery Industry.

Earlier he has  been a part of Stationery Division of Asia Pulp and Paper handling Middle east and African regions.Have been engaged in product development and market strategy.

He brings an edge for understanding  opportunities & converting them into sucessful business. He has established business contacts all across the globe with focus on Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe.

Parvesh possesses in-depth knowledge of the paper industry, from the nuances of different paper grades & stationery products to staying ahead of industry trends and environmental sustainability practices.

Handling various sectors of Trading, Shipping & Logistics, Financing, Manufacturing activities have   developed his skills for understanding unique business situations and providing effective solutions to Clients. As the Director for Alia Mohamed Trading,- Dubai his experience and skills has translated into a successful and long lasting business model.

Purva Grover

Paperworld Middle East - Purva Grover

Journalist and Author

Purva Grover is a Dubai-based author and journalist. She dabbles with poetry, public speaking, and theatre and pushes boundaries when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur & creative educator. She is the founder-editor of The Indian Trumpet, a digital magazine for all things India-yeah. 18 years of journalism (and counting), she has worked across genres, platforms, and brands; and loves her life that revolves around headlines, deadlines, and timelines. Her words encompass books, podcasts, theatrical productions, talks, pieces of art, et al. She is not an influencer, but a storyteller, who is addicted to the idea of penning down tales to discover her favourite word.

Pawan Punjabi

GLME - Pawan Punjabi

CEO, Krossover

With a remarkable journey spanning over 15 years in the vibrant business landscape of Dubai, Pawan  Punjabi stands as a visionary leader and the driving force behind Krossover Promotional Gift Trading LLC. His extensive experience extends beyond the borders of Dubai, with over 25 years of expertise in marketing. Pawan's commitment to knowledge and innovation led him to earn an MBA in Marketing, further enriching his strategic insights.

Pawan is not just a director; he is the founder of Krossover Gifts Trading LLC. Under his guidance, this dynamic enterprise has flourished and expanded its horizons to include branches in both Dubai and Sharjah, along with a successful sourcing company in China. His expertise has been pivotal in establishing Krossover Gifts Trading LLC as a prominent player in the UAE market

Krossover  is more than just a business to Pawan; it's a means of spreading joy, building relationships, and fostering brand recognition. In an interconnected world, the importance of gift trading transcends borders, cultures, and industries. It creates lasting impressions, strengthens bonds, and enhances brand visibility, making it a pivotal element in the worldwide market.

Rajiv Mansharamani

GLME - Rajiv Mansharamani

Managing Partner, Writepik

Rajiv Mansharamani is a distinguished professional with a rich and accomplished career spanning 15 years in the stationary business. His extensive experience, combined with a dual MBA education in Marketing and International Business, underscores his dedication to excellence and innovation in this industry

Ritesh Gupta

GLME - Ritesh Gupta

Sales & Marketing Manager, Ittihad Paper Mill

A seasoned professional with 10+ years of experience in business development across Middle East, India, Africa and South East Asia. A consultative selling enthusiast, with experience in business development, sales and marketing of tissue, graphical and packaging grades of papers and paperboards, packaging films, agro commodities and various other service lines in carbon credits and sustainability management. Proficient in establishing sustainable business operations and management protocols comprising of merchandise procurement, branding, logistics management, trading, trade financing and importation cum distribution management.

Reesha Almeida Coutinho

Paperworld Middle East - Reesha Almeida Coutinho

Founder, Pret a Papier Design

Reesha, Founder and Creative Director of Pret a Papier Design, an award-winning Fine Stationery Studio in Dubai, UAE. With a background in applied arts, her career shift from advertising to artisanal stationery spans over 12 years, embracing her love for paper, art, and design. She's collaborated with clients and events in 50+ countries, inspired by her passion for travel and diverse cultures. Reesha's meticulous eye for detail and dedication to crafting elegant stationery sets her apart, earning her recognition in the industry and a loyal global clientele. Her designs evoke a timeless charm that resonates with clients seeking bespoke, refined stationery for their special occasions.

Riya Jadhav

GLME - Riya Jadhav

Director eCommerce,

Riya is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker & a Mum to boys.

A tech strategy enthusiast, a Women TechMakers Ambassador and a STEM Ambassador.

Riya has Over 20 years of experience working with large global e-commerce solution providers bridging the gap between physical and digital. She has consulted and influenced some of the most well-known retail brands; to name a few Thomas Cook, EasyJet, Emirates Airlines, Stationary Store, Dudley Inkwell Stationary, Mothercare, Godiva, Timberland, Suit Supply and many more. Managed teams of 80+ at any one given time with over £300m turnover.

She loves reading, watching football and the formula 1 racing

Sachinn J. Laala

GLME - Sachinn J. Laala

CEO, Liquid Retail

Sachinn is an entrepreneurial accomplished leader and multi channel problem solver with over 15 years specialized experience and cross functional commerce leadership. He has extensive experience partnering with major multinational

clients across several sectors, product categories and channels. Originally a banker from India but based in the MENA region for the past 20 years, Sachinn has worked with world renowned agencies and led the FMCG clients at Fortune Promoseven & Saatchi & Saatchi, partnering with clients such as Proctor & Gamble, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, EMMAR and Arla Foods.

Sachinn is a results orientated marketer and has driven countless strategic holistic marketing programs to build brands, penetrate new markets and increase profitability in both off & online retail channels.

Sakina Esufally

GLME - Sakina Esufally

Head of International Business, Atlas Axillia

Sakina Esufally is the Head of International Business at Atlas Axillia, Sri Lanka’s largest stationery and back-to-school company, dedicated to reimagining the way children connect with the experience of learning. Sakina focuses on expanding Atlas Axillia’s operations and presence in global markets through long-term strategic ventures, own-brand distribution, and private label partnerships. Sakina holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BA from Brown University.

Samer Sabri Abdelqader

GLME - Samer Sabri Abdelqader

MD, Bolough Almaram Stationary Trading & Al Jazeera Almotakamela

Results-driven managing director with over 30 years of experience in the printing industry. Proven track record in managing operations, providing printing and technology solutions, and driving business growth. Strong leadership skills and a customer-centric approach.

Sam Haghi

Sam Haghi

General Manager, MTC Distributor 

Sam Haghi General Manager at MTC Distributor of corporate gifts and promotional giveaways

Sherif Elhossieny

GLME - Sherif Elhossieny

Regional Manager, Erich Krause

Sherif Elhossieny is the  Regional Manager at Erich Krause.

Stefania Brunori

GLME - Stefania Brunori

Personal Branding Expert, Business & Leadership Coach

Stefania Brunori is a Marketing Specialist, Personal Branding Expert and Business Coach with over 20 years international experience in managerial positions.

Having worked in Europe and the Middle East, her core areas of expertise are Personal Branding, Brand Strategy, Digital/Social Media and Integrated Marketing Practice, developing and implementing solid strategies and marketing campaigns to facilitate companies and individuals expand beyond their limits.

Originally from Europe, she has been working in the UAE for 13 years, both for multinational companies such as Teka and Nokia and Middle East leaders & SME corporations with regional reach.

Her entrepreneurial career started in 2015, when she conceptualized and launched the Middle East's most complete website for Yoga & Meditation.

Since then, she’s been working with Start-Ups, SMEs and Social Impact Entrepreneurs to enable their growth with the best practices of success. She provides Personal Branding & Business Coaching sessions and workshops too, where she brings together her expertise in Brand Strategy, Coaching and Growth Mindset techniques.

She is also a Females Entrepreneur Mentor at the United Nations, table moderator and recently delivered a keynote speech at TED talks.

Sudha Bhatia

GLME - Sudha Bhatia

Academic Advisor, Rochester Institute of Technology

She has been in the Academia Industry for about 15 years and have been catering to the sector in this region for more than a decade. teaching various courses across the domain of Environmental Psychology and related fields.

She has enthusiastically taught over 1000 students in her teaching stint, empowering and enabling the youth through her teaching, advising and mentoring abilities.

She has a natural flair for writing and have several publications by way of book chapter,
case studies. and research papers. With about 8 case studies, 4 research papers and 1
book chapter published to my credit, she has an equal interest in research and has always looked for opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals in the field.

Besides, she have also been equally involved in curriculum development at my current
organization, to standardize with international programs. Sudha has also been actively
engaged as the core team member for various accreditation related activities.

Being a performing arts lover and a dancer herself. She believes and promote holistic
development of students, while they are at the university.

With hands-on experience across various domains and aspects ofteaching, tutoring and
Student Activities planning & Implementation.

Tomasz Skowronski

GLME - Tomasz Skowronski

Business Area Manager - Eastern Europe and Middle East, Avery GmbH

Tomasz Skowroński – Experienced Business Manager present in the Office and Schools’ industry for 25 years. He is responsible for Eastern European and Middle East markets for Avery which is the leading brand in labels’ industry worldwide.

Vibhor Khandelwal

GLME - Vibhor Khandelwal

Managing Director / Business Head, Expand My Business

Vibhor is a seasoned leader boasting a rich experience of over 15 years in the dynamic digital landscape. Currently at the helm of Expand My Business ( as the Managing Director and International Business Head, he orchestrates strategic initiatives that define industry benchmarks. In his previous role as Vice President - Commercial at, Vibhor was the driving force behind groundbreaking ventures such as Noon Grocery, NowNow, and other pivotal projects. His journey in the Middle East commenced in 2013 at (, setting the stage for a trailblazing career. Prior to his international ventures, Vibhor pioneered, a startup heralded as the "Uber for B2B," leaving an indelible mark on the Indian entrepreneurial landscape in Bangalore, India. Vibhor is a graduate of IIT Bombay with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering.

Wojciech Zukowski

GLME - Wojciech Zukowski

Sales and Marketing Director, WZ EUROCOPERT

Over 23 years experienced Board Member of fully eco-oriented, the biggest and oldest envelopes producer in Poland WZ EUROCOPERT. Proper person in 250 people company responsible for developing environmentally superior envelopes and mailers, eco certified standards (FSC, PEFC, NORDIC SWAN, BLUE ANGEL, CLIMATECLAC, GREEN ENERGY, CO2 Neutral) and working practices, to safeguard nature, the health and well-being of employees and the local communities in which WZ operate. As a common standard for all 1.500.000.000 pcs envelopes WZ produce and deliver to over 65 countries all over the world every year (since 1990) - all production paper used is FSC or PEFC certified, all shipping cartons are made of FSC recycled cardboard, water-based adhesives and inks are used.